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Everything you need to know before visiting Blue Lagoon in Croatia

Blue Lagoon Croatia should be on the top of the wish list when it comes to plane a remarkable trip in Croatia. The remoteness of the area makes it a perfect destination for adventure-seeking tourists.
Blue Lagoon lies situated 6 nautical miles southwest of the historical town of Trogir. As it is surrounded by small islands, its water is steady and calm, which makes it a perfect destination for the activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling, etc.
The water is a shelter for the 7000 sea animals and 6000 herbs species.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon Croatia

There are ample tourist destinations in Croatia, one cannot decide from where to get to the Blue Lagoon Croatia without a proper guide. The best way to visit Blue Lagoon is with Blue Lagoon Tour from Split.
The Split harbor offers plenty of boat services, one can easily fetch a boat or fairy to get to the Blue Lagoon.
By speedy boat, it takes about 30 minutes from Split to Blue Lagoon. However, the ferries can take up more than 1 hour depending upon their speed, and you need to take locals buses to cross-island Drvenik Veli because the ferry port on Drvenik Veli island is on the north side of the island, and Blue Lagoon is situated on the south side.
The best route to visit the Blue Lagoon is passing by the Trogir and Ciovo Island, which are located 8 nautical miles from the Split.
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When is the best time to visiting the Blue Lagoon for snorkeling

The best time to visit Blue Lagoon is when the summer season is at its peak, and that is in July and August.
In these months there’s not enough rain and the weather mostly remains dry. The water temperature is around 23-25 ºC. So you can easily swim, dive, snorkel, or do whatever you want to do.
But as everyone prefers to visit during the best time, so naturally this period becomes crowded sometimes.
If you want to feel remoteness while you stay, you should try May-June or September. The weather remains hot in these months as well, but a global change in climate is affecting the edges of seasons, so you should always check the weather forecast first to plan your trip.
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What to bring with you to Blue Lagoon

If you have booked a tour package to visit Blue Lagoon, you should follow the guidelines of your guides on what to bring additionally.
Otherwise, you should bring a swimsuit, beach towels, sun protection accessories, a snorkel mask, and the necessary money to buy food and drinks, because you cannot have fun on empty stomach.
Also, don’t forget to bring a camera, because you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to capture these loving memories and scenic selfies.
Besides, if you want to bring any other equipment you can, but heavy luggage sometimes becomes a barrier, so you should choose by yourself what is the most important thing to bring.
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Bars and restaurants

Snacks and meals are really important and more important are their tastes. You would never want to make a trip anywhere with no food. Blue Lagoon has its own special of foods at restaurants.
There’s a restaurant Konoba Krknjaši that offers grilled and fried fish as well as another kind of sea food. There are ample varieties of sea food available in Konoba Krknjaši restaurant.
Or if you simply have fast food or refreshment, you can also have them at Shkoy Beach Club. Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, fries, cocktails, soft drinks, cold drinks, etc. are available here.
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