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If you are staying in Split and want to take your vacations to another level, the blue lagoon tour from Split would be the best choice you would ever make.
The blue lagoon is about 14 nautical miles far away from Split, which means you are going to spend half of your day on the stunning Adriatic Sea.
There are 2-time slots available for the tour in a day, the first one is from 9:30 to 14:30 hours and the second one is from 14:30 to 19:30 hours. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

Discover one of the greatest adventurous tours with the dramatic scenery of the Adriatic Sea. The main destinations of the tour will be Trogir, a historical town near Split Croatia, and Blue Lagoon, which is distinguished with its exceptional and remote location.
The departure is from Riva promenade, info desk number 6. on assigned time, the first destination of the tour is Trogir, where you can observe historical heritages from medieval times. Take snaps and save memorable moments in the land of an ancient civilization.
Spend like 2 hours riding on the speedboat in the Adriatic Sea, while having visuals of one of the finest arts of nature. Several small islands on the way to Blue Lagoon represent the enchanting and rela
Sail to the Blue Lagoon with the breathtaking ride of a speed boat and uncover the hidden beauty of the Adriatic Sea which has not yet been seen by the majority of the global tourists. Become one of a few fortunate folks who found this majestic beauty.

Tour details:


5 Hours

Minimum age:

6 Years

Group Size:

Up to 8 persons


English, Croatian


Printed & Mobile Accepted

Easy Cancellation:

Miniumum 48 hours before tour start

Welcome to Blue Lagoon half day tour from Split

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of destinations and tours available in Split Croatia, but if you want to make most of your vacation and are fond of remote and adventurous journeys, then Blue Lagoon Tour from Split is the most suitable tour for you.
There are two slots available in a day. If you want to inhale the fresh air of glowing morning on the clearer water of the Adriatic Sea, then the first slot is the best choice. Or if you want to have visuals of Sunset in the ocean, the second slot is best suited.
Anyway, it’s your choice to make. Blue Lagoon is about 14 nautical miles away from Split, a speedboat will take an hour to reach there if you go directly, but in this tour, we will first visit Trogir, a historical town located on the harbor in Split.
Then the second destination would be the enchanting valley of Blue Lagoon. This 5-hour tour will unlock a new pleasing memory that will remain unforgettable.

Includes & Excludes:

Snorkel masks
Travel insurance
Professional skipper
Transfer from/to Hotel


Information desk number 6. on the Riva promenade (see on map)
Arrival at Trogir
1 hour free time in Trogir
Departure from Trogir
2 hours free time at Blue Lagoon for swimming and snorkeling 
Return to Split

Morning & Afternoon Blue Lagoon Tour from Split every day

Morning tour: 09:30h - 14:30h
Afternoon tour: 14.30h - 19:30h

About Blue Lagoon and Trogir speedboat tour from Split

Meetup and Departure

09:30h Morning Tour
14:30h Afternoon Tour
We will gather at Information desk number 6. on the Riva promenade in Split and would depart at an exact scheduled time. Before departure, there will be a short guidance session by our professional guides.It is recommended that you come at least 10 minutes earlier, so you don’t miss a startup guide for the tour. Besides, you are going to spend the next 5 hours with probable strangers, so you should come early so that you can make new acquaintances.
And of course, don’t forget to take personal essentials, such as sunscreen, a swimsuit, swimming goggles, etc.
At our scheduled time, we will depart from the land into the ocean, where we are going to spend half of our day. The sea passage from the Split harbor to Trogir is full of enchanting views of the city. While riding on the boat you can watch the beautiful Split from the distant view. As you go farther, the view becomes more eye-dazzling. Approx. half an hour of speedboat ride will take us to the Trogir, our first destination of the trip.

Trogir and sightseeing

10:00h - 11:00h Morning Tour
15:00h - 16:00h Afternoon Tour
Trogir stands among the oldest heritage cities in the world, it dates back to the ancient Greek civilization. Even the city was named after its Greek founder ‘Tragurion’ in the 3rd century BC. Later, during the Roman civilizations, the Trogir witnessed so many architectural and cultural changes and maintained their leftovers till the date. According to UNESCO, the Trogir is approx. 2300 years old town.
Trogir is a town where you can troll in the streets all day and won’t get bored. There are plenty of good visiting points and buildings in Trogir. You can have memorable selfies and snaps on such spots. Trogir Museum, the Town Hall, Cathedral St. Lawrence, Small Loggia, Central Square, etc. are some of the notable spots to visit in Trogir.
Here we will stay for an hour, will have some coffee, tea, or snacks, and some trolling in the streets. You will have enough time to spend unforgettable moments of your adventurous Blue Lagoon tour in Trogir. After spending an hour here, we will head to our next destination, the Blue Lagoon.
blue lagoon and trogir tour from split

Blue Lagoon swimming and snorkeling

11:00h - 13:30h Morning Tour
16:00h - 18:30h Afternoon Tour
Another half an hour journey from Trogir will take us into the undeniable beauty of the mysterious Adriatic Sea. As we depart from Trogir, you will be able to see ample breathtaking sights on the passage to the Blue Lagoon. We will pass by the enchanting Ciovo Island, which is also one of the most loving tourist sites in Split. On the south of Ciovo Island, there’s a historic church located which dates back to 1546, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this view.
After an adrenaline ride on a speedboat, we will finally reach our second destination. The Blue Lagoon Island is located between Drvenik Veliki and other small islands as well as surrounded by many tiny islands. When you start seeing a bunch of small islands on the way, just know that the destination is too close now.
The water on Blue Lagoon Island is calm and clearer representing the illumination of the giant blue pool. You can have several entertaining activities including swimming, diving, and snorkeling. You will have offered snorkel masks so you can just jump into the pearl-like water and explore the hidden colors under the blue ocean bed.
We will spend 2 hours here, so you will have plenty of time. When exhausted, you can rest a bit or have snacks or food from restaurants when you feel starving. There are two restaurants, one is Konoba Krknjasi that offers seafood such as grilled and fried fish, etc. and another one is Shkoy Beach Club, and it serves fast food and snacks.
Once we have fulfilled our desires at Blue Lagoon Island, it’s time to repack our stuff to return from where we started earlier.
blue lagoon croatia snorkeling

Return to Split

13:30h - 14:30h Morning Tour
18:30h - 19:30h Afternoon Tour
Approximately 4 hours of the breathtaking adventurous tour have passed. Now it’s time to return to the base.
But the pleasure hasn’t yet ended, still a ride back to Riva promenade in Split. As the boat moves forward, the left behind view of the Blue Lagoon Island keeps getting blurred until it’s completely gone from the sight.
The sound of splashing water of the Adriatic Sea whispers in your ear luring you to re-visit this mysterious place at least once more, and you are lost in the loving memories of this awesome Blue Lagoon Tour from Split.
You won’t be able to notice that an hour has passed, and you have reached the harbor in Split.
You can rebook this splendid tour someday in your life again, and you will always explore something new
split croatia

What to bring

Smile :)
Beach towel
Sandwiches, Water, or Beer :)
Sunglasses, Hat or Cap


Blue Lagoon tour from Split was rated 4.8 out of 5.
Based on 217 reviews.

"Amazing holiday in Croatia"

Didn’t know that my holiday in Split would be so dramatic, blue lagoon tour from split just made my day and filled up my memory with unforgettable loving memories. Highly recommend this tour if you want to boost your fun during vacations.

"Blue Lagoon from Split"

Blue Lagoon from Split has been an exceptional experience of my tourist life. The journey from Split to Blue Lagoon is as admirable as the destinations of the tour. However, you must have the true spirit of tourism if you want to book a package. The tour seems to be made for those who have enthusiasm for remote places.

"Blue Lagoon & Trogir"

Just heard about this amazing tour while wandering on the beach in Split and booked a ride. It was more than what I expected. Two awesome destinations the Blue Lagoon Island and the Trogir, and a breathtaking sail-in Adriatic Sea. I didn’t waste my time experiencing this magical tour. Recommended especially for international tourists.



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